Mr Rysownik draws a little.

Hello, I am Mr Rysownik and I draw things. I want to continue doing this, so please don't break my fingers.

Did a lil’ internet self-portrait, just to relax a bit.

I’ll probably try to draw something relaxing every day now, a guy forgets to do that when all he can think about are the commissions he needs to draw.

Guys, SOMEONE needs to draw this scene from the last Adventure Time episode, but in a somewhat more “manga” style! This looked so dynamic, it’d work great in a comic!

Pretty much what I do with friends when we meet every few months.

(Source: zeroraws)

God damn, I almost never post anything here and then I see I have over 200 followers and then this one artist I like and follow is happy because he just got 200 followers and it feels weird.

Guys, follow good artists.

Also, grab some sketches and stuff because stuff and stuff.

Did a few lewd drawings for /v/ on 4ch of “Maya from Ace Attorney, wearing something sexy and pole dancing on a pitch fork” and “Elf from Dragon’s Crown giving a tit job”.

Funny, my first sexy stuff I did in about a year or so, was a lot of fun!

I made a quick thing for a drawfag thread on /v/

Funny how the thread died before I finished this scribble, guess it took me too long and the guy will never get his sweet Elf-on-Sorceress humping action.





Tomodachi Life

You know, I thought the next must-have 3DS game would be Super Smash Bros.

Boy, I sure was wrong!

How is there not a gif of Miyamoto and Princess Peach frolicking on the beach?

Just saw it. I wasn’t ready for this. Seriously, not Bravely Default, not Fire Emblem, not Pokemon, not new Super Smash Bros. - THIS is the first game everyone should buy for their 3DS. Perfect, gg for other companies, generation’s over, best game right here.


also, cause rysownik and I are huge nerds who constantly challenge each other once in a while for almost no particular reason, i had to draw myself in mako’s clothes and in turn he’ll draw himself dressed as a character from kill la kill of my choosing. so here’s my part/// yeehaw




some doodlies i did for responses on my ask!!

These are really adorable!

義足のMoses’ byががめ

Watch this. Watch this animation. It has such a STRONG feeling of the old Looney Tunes shorts that I’m astounded it has so little views.

There’s so much fun and life here! And such an awesome number from 1952 'Singin' In The Rain'!